Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hu-Xian Farmer Village

We got to see past and present immages of farmer village. We arrived in town and visited an English langage school. The kids were anxious to ask the foreingers questions - and it was fun to get opportunity to interact. We were then taken to 'old village' - that govenment was mandating relocation to 'new village' - several blocks away. Had opportunity to stay with a local family and also interact at a dance held in our honor in the town park. may family had teen age kids who were doing pretty well with English. There mother was also enjoying the interaction. She had her Chinsese / English dictionary that we used to facilate our communication. We learned on Sunday morning that she was a Chistian - as were my fellow travel partners for the night. We sang a few songs - even if words were not the same - it was fun to find some common ground. (Jesus Loves Me / Amazing Grace worked pretty well!).

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